First of all, we hope that you and yours are well, that you are doing whatever it takes to remain free of the coronavirus, which leads to the dreadful illness known as COVID-19.

That’s what we of the Central Oregon Center for the Arts are doing. We have been quiet lately, but we have not ceased our activities. We merely have slowed them down. We have done so because what we’re doing involves interaction between people – not just between COCA board members, who have much to discuss and many decisions to make, but also with members of the public who have so much energy and so many ideas to contribute. There is only so much we can do over the phone.

Our expectation – indeed, our plan – is that we will resume our work at full speed as soon as it is safe for us to do so. For the safety of everyone involved, we must not rush things.

Until this crisis resolves, please stay safe and well. Your health –indeed, your life – may depend on your doing so.

Board of Directors
Central Oregon Center for the Arts